August 11, 2022

Trading Time-off for Human Connections

We all know the posts on Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram by people and companies: “We decided to implement a four-day work week company-wide”. Often with the addendum ”This works for us, because it keeps us sharp and focussed on becoming more efficient.”.

Meetings are cancelled, free time will be packed with tasks. Everything, to use the remaining time more efficiently.

While this sounds good in theory, I keep coming back to questions.

  • How do you still find time for interpersonal topics?
  • How do companies maintain room to drift in thought?
  • Where do serendipitous events happen?
  • How can we create a better work-life-balance without trading it for much needed human connections?

No answers, yet.

👋 Hej, I am Julian Peters. But most people call me Jupe.

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