The software I use as a consultant

Friends and colleagues infrequently ask me about the software that I am currently using for personal and professional tasks. Here goes my (current) list.

You can find my most recent hardware setup here.

Personal & Project Management


1Password has been in my Applications folder for many years. I really try to be tidy about using different passwords and two-factor authentification wherever possible. My wife and I use a family account.


Sometimes I want to run a website as “native” app. Flotato allows just that even withh notifications (which I don’t use) and always-on-top functionality. I big recommendation for the Pro version!


I track my estimates, invoices and times on Harvest. Not ground-breaking, but enough for what I need.


All of my writing and note-making happens in Obsidian. It’s an open-source knowledge base, using markdown formatting. I support them through using the Sync service.

Things 3

My head is like a sieve. If I don’t write tasks done, I will forget and not do them. I love how I can run my version of Getting Things Done in the Mac and iOS app.


I often see Trello used as a Kanban/Scrum Board for individuals and teams. However, since I am really satisfied with Things, I only use Trello as a Portfolio/Project board. Keeping track of my upcoming and ongoing projects.

Concept, Design & Development


A little plug for my own shared timer for hybrid/remote teams. I use it as a pomodoro timer for myself, as well as in facilitation settings.


I switched over from Sketch recently. Figma somehow feels a little faster to me. The main reason were the awesome collaborative features: co-design and show prototypes to clients and the team easily.

Github Desktop

For the bit of version control and code backup I need. I use a GUI tool, because I can hardly navigate my Terminal. 😬


When I’m not using my analogue whiteboard in my office – which happens basically anytime I work with a team – I default to Miro as my digital whiteboard. I make thoughts explicit, cluster them and decide on possible actions/learnings. It’s often running from start to finish of my working day.

Sublime Text

Don’t bank on my word which code tool you should use. I’m not a programmer! Sublime was just the latest best tool recommended to me.


For years Panic’s Coda was my main code and ftp tool. Since I moved to Sublime, I needed another FTP app.

Media Consumption


Believe it or not, I am still using (and loving) RSS feeds. I subscribe and read them through my old, trusted friend Reeder on Mac and iOS.


Tweetbot has been my go-to Twitter app on Mac for as long as I can remember. However, I stopped going with the versions when they introduced a subscription modell in v4.

This site

The website is built as a static site on Jekyll. I use the fonts Butler by Fabian De Smet and Karla.

The page is hosted on ALL-INKL.COM with a Hover domain.

Tools I stopped using

  • Bear
  • Ulysses
  • Apple Reminder
  • Wunderlist 😭