The Studio: Where I build to study

The Studio is my (digital) room to bring ideas to life.

The Studio is about initiative and stewardship. To make a new thing, a better thing, a process that leads to better.

The Studio is where I build to study (studio, Italian “to study”).

I build multiple small projects over one moonshot success.

I build what excites me.


I hate bloated processes – that’s why I want stay as small as possible. The smallest, feasible number I can currently imagine is 1.

I work with clients. But what I try to find are partners, fans, users and customers. Community first.

I surround myself with people that inspire me and challenge me to grow creatively and as a human.

I want to talk candidly about my successes and failures.


Seth Godin

Indieweb movement

Marco Arment


.space TLD

Frank Chimero