June 30, 2022

Recap Q2/2022

Personal life

I spent a day cooking at Müllers an der Rü. An event gifted to me by my mum and my stepdad for my birthday.

A photo of a portbello mushroom centered on a white plate and surrounded by white sauce.

Together with Lena and Emil, we moved to Copenhagen for two months. I decided to spend my time party working, partly on parental leave.

Photo of the famous Marmorkirken in Copenhagen with a dramatic sky

We visited a match of the Danish football team against Austria. The atmosphere was nothing like I expected. Lively, excited but never brutish. Something that was new to me coming from German football…

For the first time in three years I stood on a football pitch and played some. I’ve missed this feeling!

In June I visited a closeby playground with Emil. Playing in the sandbox and swinging for the first time was a lovely memory.

For Sankt Hans we stayed at Islands Brygge, had dinner in the park and enjoyed the bonfire with hundreds of people.

We spent a summer day as a family in the Kongens Have (King’s Garden) to picnic and listen to one event of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.


I released the Traction Bullseye as a Miro template. It is based on the namesake book by Gabriel Weinstein and Justin Mares.

I deployed my digital garden. Currently, it is in a state of uncontrolled growth. But I will slowly be trimming the edges to make it my beautiful online place of retreat. It works with Obsidian and Jekyll thanks to Maxime’s theme and Tom’s website.

CLOQ is a bit more beautiful to share on your favorite social media, because I added OG and Twitter cards.

👋 Hej, I am Julian Peters. But most people call me Jupe.

I work as a consultant in Strategy, Product and UX from Dinslaken, Germany. If you liked what you read, please share the link, toot me or subscribe to my RSS feed.