June 30, 2022

Recap Q2/2022

Personal life

I spent a day cooking at Müllers an der Rü. An event gifted to me by my mum and my stepdad for my birthday.

Together with Lena and Emil, we moved to Copenhagen for two months. I decided to spend my time party working, partly on parental leave.

We visited a match of the Danish football team against Austria. The atmosphere was nothing like I expected. Lively, excited but never brutish. Something that was new to me coming from German football…

FOr the first time in three years I stood on a football pitch and played some. I’ve missed this feeling!

In June I visited a closeby playground with Emil. Playing in the sandbox and swinging for the first time was a lovely memory.

For Sankt Hans we stayed at Islands Brygge, had dinner in the park and enjoyed the bonfire with hundreds of people.

We spent a summer day as a family in the Kongens Have (King’s Garden) to picnic and listen to one event of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.


I released the Traction Bullseye as a Miro template. It is based on the namesake book by Gabriel Weinstein and Justin Mares.

I deployed my digital garden. Currently, it is in a state of uncontrolled growth. But I will slowly be trimming the edges to make it my beautiful online place of retreat. It works with Obsidian and Jekyll thanks to Maxime’s theme and Tom’s website.

CLOQ is a bit more beautiful to share on your favorite social media, because I added OG and Twitter cards.

Hello there, I am Julian Peters. But most people call me Jupe. I work as a Strategic Designer living in Dinslaken, Germany. If you liked what you read, please share the link, toot me or drop an email.

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