September 5, 2022

Digital Thinking Tools

I’ve been using Things 3 as my to-do list (iPhone and Macbook) and Obsidian for note-making and Digital Garden.

I am very happy with both since they really get out of the way. Not a lot of prescribed process and lots of focus on the “content”.

I have tried out Bear instead of Obsidian, but had the issue of it being too feature-heavy. I worked more on format than the actual content. I rather have the apps out of the way.

Since I am very tidy about putting timed-tasks in my calendar and to-dos in Things, I don’t need a task-management in my long-form notes.

I also work with my Leuchtturm notebook a lot. I take it to meetings etc. I get the feeling of being more present when I take handwritten notes over typing on my laptop while someone is talking to me. At least once a week I go through my hand-written notes and transfer them over to Obsidian/Things/Calendar.

Also read my more complete list of tools that I am currently using in my professional and private contexts.

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